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Nepal is a developing country from Southeast Asia which lies between two big country’s China and India. As a lot of media are emerging daily providing news and information to all the Nepalese people. Till today there are more than Hundred of FM and Radio stations across Nepal among which more than Fifty Nepali FM Stations are bounded under community Radios Nepal. The number of Nepali Fm stations that are broadcasting locally as well as via Internet is more then Fifty. The main motto of this website is to make you easily accessible to your local Nepali Fm station with latest news and information although you are remaining far from your country.

Where ever we are but “Yo Mann Ta Mero Nepali Ho“, we love Nepali Music, Songs and Movies. We love our culture and religion being in touch with our local FM and Radio Stations make us feel good. Among lot of Nepali FM Stations in Nepal Radio Kantipur ( Kantipur FM ) is one of the famous Nepali FM station which can be tuned on most of the places of Nepal as well as online. Image FM and Star FM are also broadcasted in most of the places of Nepal and rest community radios are broadcasted in local area within their range. These community FM stations broadcast famous Nepali News program like Kaya Kairan daily within the circle all over Nepal. In this website we have listed Nepali Private as well as community Radio stations of Nepal which are available for online streaming.

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